Premier Division Picks - Week2

Week 1 of the 40 over season saw the two time defending champions succumb to the PD debutants. It also saw a high-intensity game between the arch rivals Lions and Tigers with the king of the jungle having the last hurrah. Too early in the season but hopefully it also made the Oddsmaker realize that he isn’t the Octopus he desires to become. Counting the eggs before they are hatched is never a good idea. The “El Presidente” team disappointed the Oddsmaker by overcoming the “Juicy” Jamaicans.

2016 World T20 - Team Analysis and Semi-Final Picks

The most recent form of cricket, that is praised by the viewers but diminished by the ex-players, will showcase its most important event. T20 is one format that bridges the gap between the quality of the teams, because of its shortened nature, and just a single-outstanding performance has the potential to win the game for a team. So, expect some upsets in the next three weeks. Yes, the tournament has already begun and Bangladesh, along with Afghanistan has already qualified for the Super 10s to join the big boys of the game. And yes, many cricket followers are not aware of it yet.

Welcome to 22 Yards Cricket Club

22 Yards has a rich history going back to 2003 when few graduate students of University of Maryland Baltimore County decided to establish a recreational club with the university. The goal of the club was solely to promote the game of cricket and try to compete with other clubs around the DC-MD-VA area. The club was established under the name UMBC 22 yards Cricket Club and was governed by the Student Government Association (SGA) at the university.