Week 5 PD picks

Few notes from last two weeks

  • Congrats to 22 yards for winning the Saakh Pharmacy T20 July 4th tournament. 22 yards has been one of the most consistent team in T20 format and congrats to them for winning yet another title in this format. A big thank you for WCL committee for organizing this tournament, and I hope we continue to see this inter division competition.

Week 4 PD Picks - By Mr. High Roller

Before I make my week 4 picks, I would like for readers to read this: I am writing as an independent writer, and not associated with any team. These are my opinions, and I am planning to stay anonymous as many of my friends are in WCL league, and I don’t want my friendship affected due to the picks.  I am in NO WAY connected to 22 yards, and only using their website to give weekly picks for viewers to enjoy.